Cowboy Origins

During the Summer of 2016, Gary and Lynda Clark began their journey as Classy Chauffeurs with the purchase of a big white bus out of the Sunshine State. The business bloomed from a love of the open road, a very small clientele in the Northern-Virginia area, one driver and a hopeful family. Since then, the Classy Cowboy Chauffeur has become a two bus operation with multiple trusted drivers, a Frederick County Business License, and is regularly booked months in advance.

We are still proudly and humbly family operated! Gary and Lynda Clark drive, host and book all appointments; Jacob Clark designs all logos; Joseph Clark handles maintenance; and, Brittany Clark is the webmaster.

Classy Cowboy Chauffeur is our passion, family, and our life’s work. That’s why we ask you to

Let the Cowboy Drive!

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